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About me

Lailesh is senior business consultant, and has experience in Business strategy, process & functional consulting. He always like to keep customer at the centre stage of any consulting assignment and hence considers the concepts & trends like CRM, Customer exp. management and Digital disruptions are part of business consulting. He has industry specialisation in Telecommunication, IT & Banking.

Apart from business consulting, his interest lies in topics that go across World Politics, Economics, History and its impact on Equity markets & Business cycles.

He is firm believer that person as investors should have the ability to see the big picture and he should be aware of many events happening across the world that can have influence on business environment in which companies operates. e.g. Local & Global politics, Elections,  Interest rate movements, Commodity prices, Changes in weather, Latest technological disruptions and finally last but not least, geopolitical events which can have impact on stability of countries.

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