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June 2023

“Analysis” is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it and this is the theme here.

Purpose of this blog “” is to analyse latest changes (technological, political, social) that have potential to impact traditional business models. I also like to co-relate these changes with financial markets, Particularly equity markets because whole idea of stock market is based on underlying business, but many readers find it difficult to understand this angle and interested more in reading about business analysis – strategies separately. Hence it would be good to keep two separate categories.

Business & Technology: Posts in this category will cover technological & social changes and its impact on Business, Business Models & Strategies. E.g. Impact of Digital disruption on Banking, Customer Service etc.

Equity Market: Posts in this category will explicitly cover topics related to Economical & Political changes and its impact on companies with focus on stock markets. It would be more macro analysis with current economic and political trends. E.g. Impact of continuous Low: “Interest rates” on global economy and industry etc.

Personally, I believe that Analysis (Breaking into smaller parts) and Synthesis (the combination of components or smaller parts to form a connected whole) goes hand in hand and both categories are complimentary to each other.

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